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Totality Sculpt Yoga

There are different yoga class types under the infrared heat in an intimate setting. The goal of Totality Sculpt yoga is to improve balance, build strength and provide mental clarity - the perfect complement to both Climb and XSculpt. The classes range from 45 to 60 minutes. The room is dark with music and no mirrors, specifically designed for internal reflection and to evoke feelings. It is intentionally intimate so that each client gets one-on-one attention and adjustments from the certified yoga teacher. The classes encourage you to forget what is going on outside of that class - allowing you to fully escape. 

woman teaching team with weights

Total Tone

The Total Tone method was designed to incorporate the fundamentals of all three methods in the yoga room under the infrared heat. Total Tone classes are 45 or 60 minutes long and work the full-body to the beat of music. The class begins and ends with yoga influence, while getting the heart rate up through cardio and pilates-inspired combinations throughout the class. There are some classes that are not heated, as noted on the schedule. Expect to sweat, feel a total-body toning, and appreciation for your body. 

man doing pushup

Yoga Sculpt

Totality Sculpt's Yoga Sculpt is a mix between Total Tone and Power Yoga. It is a power-inspired class with weights and faster pace. It is great for any level of yogi, especially someone seeking quick results under that infrared heat. 

yoga instructors in tabletop

Flow Yoga

A slower paced grounded flow that helps to destress your mind and body. Connecting breath to movement, you will feel supported as you explore new ways to engage with your practice and strengthen your body. Infrared heated to help deepen your stretch and mobility. Come ready for a grounded practice and leave feeling restored. All levels welcome, props provided. 

woman in star pose

Power Yoga

A fast paced, high-intensity power vinyasa flow focusing on breath to body movement. Build strength, endurance, and flexibility through warrior and balance poses paired with inversion and arm balances. Infrared heated to deepen your practice while also detoxing and restoring your body. Come ready for a challenge and leave feeling strong and empowered. All levels welcome, props provided.

savasana with hot stones and cool towels

Power Up Power Down

Power Up Power Down will have you feeling like you just left the spa. Begin with a powerful practice under low infrared heat to build a fire within, preparing the body for deep muscle and mind release. Find and deepen your edge as you move into yin poses, using props and breath to stretch connective tissue and improve flexibility. Finish class in restorative poses to soothe the central nervous system and melt away stress. Come ready to completely surrender and leave feeling pure zen. All levels welcome, props provided.  


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