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Totality Sculpt's Climb

A beat-based cardio class with zero impact and high intensity. The climb class uses the Versaclimber, a vertical machine that integrates resistance and cardio to mimic functional total body movement. It burns 22 calories per minute, and ranges between 30 and 45 minute classes - making it the most effective and efficient cardio machine on the market. The room is dark with bright strobe lights (note: not safe for epilepsy) and loud music as you move to the beat. 


Climb Level 1

Climb Level 1 is a 30-minute beat-based class on the Versaclimber. The choreography is simple, easy to understand and only has one signature move per song. The goal of it is to become more confident in the method, get a big calorie burn and enjoy cardio! While the machine and workout may be intimidating, the Level 1 class is designed to be fun, welcoming and accessible to everyone. The most novice climber and the most advanced climber can take this class and feel accomplished. 

Clients versaclimbing

Climb Level 2

The Climb Level 2 class is an opportunity for climbers to challenge themselves with more choreography, more challenges within each song, and more advanced movement patterns. It is 30 minutes, beat-based and under the same fun lighting. This class can have different focuses based on what the instructors' goals for the day are - endurance, agility, record-based, etc. Totality Sculpt recommends 5 level 1 classes before joining the party in level 2. 


Mile High Climb

This climb class is 45 minutes long, adding more time to hit 5,280 feet on the Versaclimber. The class is still the high energy beat-based method clients know and love, just in a longer format with a goal of hitting records on the Versaclimber. This is a level 2 style class, so it is recommended that clients taking this have experience taking a level 2 class. Clients should have taken 10 level 1 classes or 5 level 2 classes. 

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