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The Three Modalities

It is recommended that all three modalities are utilized to create the perfect balance of cardio, strength and stress management. The practice of XSculpt, Climb and Yoga together will allow you to build endurance, move more efficiently and create stronger mind-body connection - achieving quick physical results.

girl in side plank


This low impact strength-based class improves endurance. The XSculpt method uses the XFormer machine to provide slow resistance training, the most effective way to build muscle and burn fat. It is a functional method of training, which means that you are working your muscles in a way that aids in injury prevention and graceful aging. This method uses hands on corrections and has mirrors around the room as form is the most important aspect for the highest level of total body burnout.

two girls stretching


A beat-based cardio class with zero impact and high intensity. The climb class uses the Versaclimber, a vertical machine that integrates resistance and cardio to mimic functional total body movement. It burns 22 calories per minute, and ranges between 30 and 45 minute classes - making it the most effective and efficient cardio machine on the market. The room is dark with bright strobe lights (note: not safe for epilepsy) and loud music as you move to the beat.

three girls standing


There are multiple yoga style classes in the infrared heated yoga room. The goal of Totality Sculpt yoga is to improve balance, build strength and provide mental clarity - the perfect complement to both Climb and XSculpt. The classes range from 45 to 60 minutes. The room is dark with music and no mirrors, specifically designed for internal reflection and to evoke feelings. FLOW YOGA is a grounded flow that builds up to a strong pose then releases back down to the mat. POWER YOGA is a fast-paced, sweat-inducing flow with opportunities for inversions. POWER UP POWER DOWN is 30 minutes of power yoga followed by 30 minutes of deep release (stretching, yin restorative). YOGA XPRESS is a 45 minute flow designed by the yoga instructor. 

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