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About Us

Totality Sculpt offers three low to no impact modalities that range in intensity to combine strength, cardio and recovery at one location. It is an inclusive environment that promotes health and wellness to empower people to feel stronger both mentally and physically.

The three modalities include Yoga, Climb and XSculpt. They are all accessible by any age and fitness level by allowing modifications and variations to make the workout unique to each client’s needs.

Totality Sculpt was founded because of a need in the community - nothing like it currently exists in the area. Each modality is designed to complement the other to create an experience for the client that is empowering, strengthening and a whole lot of fun. Totality Sculpt is designed to make you feel stronger and more confident - just how the combination of these three modalities made the owner feel.

The most important aspect of Totality Sculpt is the cultivation of excellent instructors. They are held to a high standard to provide each client a personal experience in a small group setting. Totality Sculpt instructors are passionate about the method of the studio, as well as the goals of each of their clients. The instructors are trained on providing an educational and empowering experience for each client.

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