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Totality Sculpt Method


Three modalities under one roof. Strength, cardio and meditative movement to provide you with everything you need to achieve your fitness and wellness goals. All three modalities are low to no impact while turning up the intensity!

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Slow resistance training on the XFormer machine.

Fire up your slow twitch muscle fibers to the point of fatigue, which activates the fast twitch muscle fibers - burning up your whole range of muscle in seconds. Don't be afraid of the shakes - they let you know it's working!

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Beat-based cardio on the Versaclimber machine. 

Burn hundreds of calories by putting your entire body to work to the beat of music and flashing lights. The Versaclimber uses contra-lateral movement patterns to improve your natural balance and coordination. You're going to sweat and burn in the best possible way!

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Meditative movement in a calming room and light heat.

Improve your mobility, strength and mental health by moving to the sound of music and soft lighting. It's personal in our yoga room - there are limited spots for intentional attention from your teacher and no mirrors. Get sweaty, get strong!

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